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I have been a midwife for more than 25 years. Midwifery for me is about developing a trusting relationship with women so we can navigate the birthing journey together. As a midwife I am committed to providing a safe, supportive birthing environment. I am an endorsed midwife, meaning my services are Medicare rebate applicable, see pricing for further details.

I only take two clients a months, so I can provide optimum care.  I have a strong network of local private midwives who I work alongside, supporting each other as second midwives during births.


As a mother to 3 children myself, I have given birth in each birthing environment. My first child was born in the back of a car on the way to hospital, my second child was born in hospital, the third was a homebirth. The planned homebirth of my third baby in 1989 was the best decision I have ever made.

The impacts both positive and negative of my birth experiences have enriched my midwifery practice and strengthened my understanding that building relationships with women and their families leads to better outcomes for mother, baby and family.


Birthing on Country refers to an Aboriginal mother giving birth to her child on the lands of ancestors, ensuring a spiritual connection to the land for her baby. Birthing on Country is “a metaphor for the best start in life for Aboriginal babies and their families, an appropriate transition to motherhood and parenting for women, and an integrated, holistic and culturally appropriate model of care for all.”

I spent 5 years (2012-2016) in Bourke, NSW directly supporting Aboriginal women in birth. That experience has deepened my understanding of the spiritual aspects of birth. I continue to remain committed to improving Aboriginal infant and maternal health. I am committed to being an advocate for culturally safe maternity care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and for Birthing on Country. My passion is for Aboriginal women to be able to make informed choices and to have culturally appropriate care during pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.


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Birthing on Country

Birthing on Country is traditionally considered a model of birth in a remote community, outside of a hospital, with a traditional midwife in attendance.

Byron Bay Pregnancy Support Group

The Byron Bay Pregnancy Support group is a welcoming and safe place for pregnant women to meet every week, share in a discussion with a guest speaker, and move their body with yoga and dance. The group is run by Sarah (yoga teacher and mother), Libby (that’s me - home birth midwife and mother), and Danie (midwife and mother).

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Sally's interview with midwife Libby on post term pregnancy, induction, weighing up the risks and benefits, alternatives to induction and the importance of have a due period, rather than a due date.